Friday, July 1, 2016

Animal Rights Extremists

California men sentenced for vandalizing a mink farm in Illinois, releasing 2,000 animals….
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This is a clip taken from the CCF website , as for why I oppose animal rights that’s simple if you believe that a child’s life is worth the same as a cockroach then you believe that everyone who eats a burger or any animal product is an accessory to murder.
This would oppress the vast majority of the worlds population , Even putting that aside the classic argument of the fox just shows how ludicrous this idea is , If you give animals rights the most import being the right to life what happens when a fox eats a rabbit ? He has committed murder and is sent op prison. The lion has the right to eat whoever it wants. It’s just insane
As for my politics I’m Pro-Nuclear Pro-Globalization Pro-Civilisation Pro-Humanity, Ant-Greenpeace Anti-Animal Rights etc
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Animal Rights Extremists

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