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Health Care Provider’s Crimes Caused Patients’ Deaths

A health care provider was sentenced to 10 years in prison for defrauding Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers of more than $ 20 million—and causing patients to die as a result….
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MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (Jeff Hirsh) — A Middletown man who served his country may not have been served by the agency which was supposed to care for him.

Police in Middletown say they expect to charge a home health care aide for the Veteran‚„s Administration with bogus billing, and not taking proper care of a patient.

The case has been under investigation for nearly a year.

It began as a case of a veteran who died at home. It’s not a homicide investigation but it is an investigation of money and a veteran’s health care.

60-year-old Calvin Coleman Jr. was found dead in his Carolina Street home on March 28, 2014.

The former military man was supposed to be receiving care from a home health care aide who worked for the Veteran‚„s Administration Hospital in Dayton.

However, police said that Calvin Coleman Jr. was not getting what the taxpayers were paying for.

‚“A home health care worker had claimed they had been at Calvin‚„s’ home the day before, and in the report they submitted, they talked about the pleasant conversation they had and Cavlin was alive,‚ said Middletown Police Lieutenant Scott Reave. ‚“Well, the coroner felt in their opinion, Calvin had been dead for several days, and there’s no way the report was accurate.‚

As we all know, ‚“dead men tell no tales,‚ but if this patient was deceased at the time, there’s no way he and the health care worker could have talked about anything

‚“Calvin was dead the day the home health care worker was claiming to be at his house,‚ said Lt. Reave.

In fact, based on body decomposition, Calvin Coleman may have been dead for four or five days before his body was discovered.

There is no suggestion the home health aide caused the death. That was from heart disease.

However, potential charges could include fraud, false billing for work not done and patient neglect.

Police say based on sores, Coleman had spilled hot water on himself at least a week before he died:

‚“He was an older gentleman and he needed help and wasn’t getting the help he needed and had earned by serving our country,‚ said Lt. Reave.

Calvin Coleman‚„s sister, Diana Pearson, said that the system obviously is broken and needs to be fixed with better monitoring, screening, and oversight.

We are not releasing the health aide’s name because there are no charges at this time.

Police say the man has a criminal record which includes prison time, but that was more than five years ago.

Background employment checks for jobs like this at the VA go back five years.

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Health Care Provider’s Crimes Caused Patients’ Deaths

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